This is the place where I share my thoughts on current topics that interest me. Most of the blogs are related to the themes of my books; the dynamics of enthusiasm and its counterpart negativity. Where possible I refer to a specific chapter in my books, so that the blogs and books can complement and enrich each other.

Just like in my books, I use insights from psychology and neurology to explain the world around me and to suggest possible solutions. By sharing these insights I hope to clear the way for more positivity, reflection and tolerance. It is my belief that these elements contribute to a better and more beautiful world.

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Embrace fear, but beware of doom-mongering.

How to deal with fear in this corona crisis? The human brain is programmed to detect danger. In prehistoric times, it was vitally important to notice a dangerous animal or [...]

Do we remain the boss or become slaves to technology?

Technological developments have always had a drastic impact on human life. Because of weapons and tools, homo sapiens became the dominant species on earth. Different innovations have made life increasingly [...]

An Obsession with Negativity

We live in the safest and most prosperous world in human history. The statistics show that in almost all areas the world is improving. We live longer and there is [...]