Psychologist, Writer, Speaker

The way people think and behave has always interested me.

As a social psychologist, my career has been devoted to exploring the psychological landscape through various lenses, including academic, governmental, and market research perspectives. Topics of particular interest to me include the dynamics of enthusiasm among customers and employees, and digital well-being within organisations. I conduct studies and share my insights through books, blogs, presentations, and courses. I have had the pleasure of delivering keynotes in over 20 countries, which has allowed me to test my ideas across different cultures. Beyond these speaking engagements, I lead a digital well-being research programme and conduct scientific research into the dynamics of enthusiasm at Leiden University.

It is time to take enthusiasm seriously!

The role that enthusiasm plays in the arts, in social life and within organisations is fascinating. Enthusiasm often leads us in the right direction. The way in which our talents and passions lie. It connects us to people with similar interests. Once the dynamics of enthusiasm begin to flow wonderful things start to happen. An increasing amount of research and business cases show that enthusiasm plays an important role in effective communication, customer experience, and employee motivation. It creates a sense of purpose and can guide organisations towards a sustainable future. Many years ago Ralph Waldo Emerson stated: “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”. I fully agree with this statement. People, teams, and organisations are happier, more effective, and successful if enthusiasm is their guiding principle.  It is therefore time to take enthusiasm seriously. I hope to contribute to this with my research, books, and presentations

A Key Current Theme: Digital Well-Being

The ever-increasing digitalization significantly affects our work and life, with direct implications for our health, productivity, and job satisfaction. Digital well-being refers to the extent to which digitalization enhances or detracts from our well-being. This digitalization has brought many benefits: for many people, work has become more interesting and varied, organizations have achieved significant productivity gains, and society has become more prosperous as a result. However, there are also downsides. Excessive use of digital technology can lead to overload, burnout, and is even linked to mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety disorders. It is important to recognize that our brains function differently than our digital devices. With my research and presentations on this topic, I hope to contribute to the enhancement of digital well-being in our society.

My mission

My presentations, workshops and training courses are intended to provide insights into the themes described above. My goal is to inspire and offer practical tools to engage with these issues.  I have succeeded in my mission when participants become enthusiastic, yield useful insights and are encouraged to take action. These collective actions contribute to a world where well-being, enthusiasm, and positivity bloom.

Digital Well-Being explained in 3 minutes.

Digital Well-Being strongly affects our health, productivity, enthusiasm, and happiness at work. In this video, I explain in 3 minutes what digital well-being is, why it’s important, and what you can do to improve it.

Podcast with Joe Sejean

Engagement expert Joe Sejean interviewed me on the meaning of enthusiasm. We had a deep discussion on the role it plays in customer centricity and employee motivation, but also in life itself. 

Video Summary Dynamics of Enthusiasm

Webinar dynamics of enthusiasm in science and practice.

Dynamics of Enthusiasm

Summary and step-by-step plan.