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A fascination for the Dynamics of Enthusiasm

The way people think and behave has always interested me.

So I am very fortunate that I have been able to carry out psychological research for most of my working life. In science, within the government and in the commercial world of market research. My main interest is the subject of enthusiasm. I study the dynamics of enthusiasm scientifically and I help organisations implementing these dynamics. I have written different books about the dynamics of enthusiasm and I am often invited as a keynote speaker to talk about these dynamics from different perspectives. On this website you’ll find information about my books, presentations and courses.

It is time to take enthusiasm seriously!

The word enthusiasm is used very often in both daily life and in professional settings. People are assessed on being enthusiastic. Organisations want to recruit enthusiastic employees and create enthusiasm amongst their customers. Enthusiasm plays an important role in our personal lives. Despite this scientific research on enthusiasm is scarce and it is rarely is a topic in the boardroom. But I am convinced this will change in the near future. It is time to take enthusiasm seriously!

My mission

My presentations, workshops and training courses are intended to provide insight into the dynamics of enthusiasm and offer concrete tools to put these mechanisms into practice. I have succeeded in my mission when participants become enthusiastic, yield useful insights and are encouraged to take action. These actions together contribute to a world where enthusiasm and positivity bloom.


Dynamics of Enthusiasm

Summary and step-by-step plan.

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The Dynamics of Enthusiasm in short

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