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Feedback on presentations about digital wellbeing:

Since the rise of smartphones, we are constantly connected to our work, day and night. At the same time, at work, we are always linked to our social networks. Like no other, Rijn Vogelaar addresses the profound impact this has on our mental well-being. With humor and insightful analysis, he holds up a mirror to our digital lives and guides us toward a healthier and more productive digital lifestyle. Anyone who uses digital devices should be required to spend an hour listening to him!

Martijn Aslander, Technology Philosopher

Rijn Vogelaar delivered an incredibly engaging talk on digital wellbeing, full of enlightening insights and practical tips. During an inspiring session for our colleagues at VodafoneZiggo, he revealed key facts about digital wellbeing, always backed up with references. Despite the depth of the content, his presentation remained highly accessible and entertaining. He discussed the pros and cons of digitalization and shared crucial tips to keep our brains fit. The presentation perfectly aligned with our focus on wellbeing and vitality at VodafoneZiggo. The concrete tools and interventions Rijn uses in his research, such as the digital wellbeing diagnosis and digital detox, are incredibly valuable for practical implementation. I highly recommend his presentation for any organization that takes its employees’ wellbeing seriously.

Iris Cremers, Manager Health & Wellbeing, Vodafone

We, the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (EZK) and Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV), organized the Month of Digital Fitness together. Rijn Vogelaar delivered a passionate speech on digital wellbeing and flourishing in a digital world during the closing event. Everyone in the audience was on the edge of their seats as Rijn shared the results of a digital wellbeing diagnosis conducted within our ministries the week before the final session. He highlighted the importance of occasionally putting your phone aside: it takes 23 minutes to get into a focused state, and constant notifications don’t help. He also provided tips such as scheduling focus time, turning off notifications, working in blocks (e.g., scheduling email time), and taking offline breaks. Following his advice, we organized the Digital Detox 10-day challenge within our ministries. In short, Rijn has been a tremendous inspiration to us!

Wilma de Groot, Program Manager Digital Fitness, Ministry of EZK & LNV

Feedback on presentations about The Dynamics of Enthusiasm:

“Since your workshop on Storytelling, enthusiasm has found a place in our hearts. Your generosity to use your storytelling workshop and pass it on to all our employees is a gift. One of our most valued workshops. For me, enthusiasm is the driving force for real success.”

Gerard Pieterse, Director People Development at Canon EMEA

“Rijn Vogelaar made my day. He is an enthusiastic speaker that tells about the consequences of negativity in our society and what we can do to turn the tide. Well, listening to mister enthusiasm himself is the first step towards a more constructive society as far as I am concerned.”

Anke van Dalfsen-Driessen, MarCom professional

“The time flew by. Fascinating and fun presentation! ”

Els Langeveld-Pluym, DaCapo College Sittard English teacher, on Linkedin.

Rijn was the main speaker at our conference! The theme was: “The power of enthusiasm”.

Our target group for the congress was the entire spectrum of workers in the dental practice. From dentist to assistant, around 300 people in total. He also provided a workshop at our conference in 2018. This was based on his book “Fighting Negativity”. On both events he scored very high in the evaluations. A performance by Rijn has a very positive impact. There is a good balance between content and relaxation (humor, music). In this way he is able  to connect to all levels of his audience. In addition, Rijn is a flexible and relaxed person to work with. And of course he puts his believe in the ‘dynamics of enthusiasm’ into practice. By the way, the extra investment in his side kick, the guitarist James Whelligan, is definitely worth it!

Anne-Pieter van Riet, owner of the Dental Dental Academy

“Just attended a presentation by Rijn Vogelaar about customer focus, enthusiasm and NPS. I must say that I have always been critical about the NPS system but Rijn brilliantly extracts the essence of the theory and builds it up from there. Focus on the intended result and not on the method or system. Positivity and enthusiasm is the key! ”

Joost Geurts, Rabobank, on Linkedin

“Employee engagement is much more than just satisfaction or dissatisfaction. It is about pleasure, feeling safe and supported and being challenged on your strengths. About constant feedback and most importantly, having a higher purpose. Last Friday Mr. Rijn Vogelaar explained to our Management Team all about the Enthusiasm Theory and the “Flame”, Flow and Flood. “An eye opener! Facilitating “The Flow” – in my opinion – should be every manager’s objective. ”

Lotte Mastwijk, LC Packaging, on LinkedIn

“This afternoon I attended a theater lecture at Rijn Vogelaar. Super motivated – and of course bouncing with enthusiasm – I left the theater an hour and a half later.

Ellen Broekhuizen on LinkedIn

“The event on Customer Experience, NPS, Touchpoints was very interesting… but for me keynote speaker, Rijn Vogelaar, was the highlight of the day. As I was the only Flemish participant out of 250, I didn’t know him, but from now on I’m a fan. I have three extra books to read! ”

Erna Grosemans on LinkedIn

Digital Well-Being explained in 3 minutes

Digital well-being strongly affects our health, productivity, enthusiasm, and job satisfaction. In this video, I explain what digital well-being is, why it’s important, and what you can do to improve it.

Inhouse Superpromoter Academy

Video of an Inhouse Superpromoter Academy training

Dynamics of Enthusiasm

Summary and step-by-step plan.


On a regular basis I share the stage with musicians or other speakers. You can find a description of some of these co-presentations below.

Co-presentation with James Whelligan on enthusiasm and live music

Musicians experience enthusiasm on different levels. They allow themselves to be inspired, achieve flow with other musicians and if they are lucky, stand before an ecstatic crowd from time to time. Companies can learn a great deal from these dynamics. James Whelligan is a singer-songwriter and frontman of Annexe the Moon. In our presentations, James demonstrates enthusiasm from the perspective of a musician. Not just by talking about it, but also by performing live!

A link to a trailer of a co-presentation with James Whelligan:

If he receives sufficient notice, Jamie is happy to come from London to provide the musical accompaniment and give his perspective as a musician.

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Dynamics of Enthusiasm
Summary and step-by-step plan.