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Met veel plezier heb ik dan ook een groot deel van m’n werkende leven psychologisch onderzoek mogen doen. Eerst vanuit de wetenschap, toen binnen de overheid en daarna in de commerciële wereld van het marktonderzoek. Tegenwoordig geef ik presentaties, workshops, consultancy en trainingen. Daarnaast ben ik gastdocent aan de Polytechnical University in Hong Kong, waar ik lesgeef in “Rational & Emotional Decision Making”.

Embrace fear, but beware of doom-mongering.

How to deal with fear in this corona crisis? The human brain is programmed to detect danger. In prehistoric times, it was vitally important to notice a dangerous animal or a hostile human on time and to react quickly to a potentially dangerous situation. Although we live in a much safer environment these days, our brain’s software hasn’t changed much. [...]

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Organisational Storytelling: Sailing the waves of enthusiasm

Telling stories is a unique human trait. No other species is able to use language in such a refined form. Stories can have a huge impact, but this can only be achieved if enough people collectively believe in them. This also applies to stories about companies or organisations. Every day new companies are created and others go bankrupt. Through mergers, [...]

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Do we remain the boss or become slaves to technology?

Technological developments have always had a drastic impact on human life. Because of weapons and tools, homo sapiens became the dominant species on earth. Different innovations have made life increasingly pleasant over the course of time – a life without a toilet, fridge or telephone is almost unimaginable now. However, the pace of technological development is going so fast that [...]

An Obsession with Negativity

We live in the safest and most prosperous world in human history. The statistics show that in almost all areas the world is improving. We live longer and there is less war and violence. The perception of most people, however, is different. Negativity is everywhere; the media mainly bring bad news and journalism has become more negative and dramatic over [...]

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