On the 8th of June, I will share my theory on the dynamics of enthusiasm, including the latest scientific insights and business cases. 

​The role that enthusiasm plays in the arts, in social life, and within organisations is fascinating. Enthusiasm often leads us in the right direction. The way in which our talents and passions lie. It connects us to people with similar interests. Once the dynamics of enthusiasm begin to flow wonderful things start to happen. An increasing amount of research and business cases show that enthusiasm plays an important role in effective communication, customer experience, and employee motivation. It creates a sense of purpose and can guide organisations towards a sustainable future.

People, teams, and organisations are happier, more effective, and more successful if enthusiasm is their guiding principle.  It is therefore time to take enthusiasm seriously.

​Interested? Then please register for this webinar and join me on the 8th of June! The webinar will be presented in English from 17h to 18h. Following a 35-40 minute presentation there will be room for interaction and Q&A.