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The Superpromoter

On the power of enthusiasm

Superpromoters personify the power of enthusiasm. They spontaneously share their enthusiasm about products, brands and companies and influence other people by doing so. Their infectious enthusiasm is vital to the success of any business. It’s the battle between them and their alter ego, the antipromoter, which decides if the reputation of brands are built or broken. They not only affect sales growth, but also innovation and employee motivation.

Superpromoters are the driving force behind the success of every company, so one would assume that employees and management are very familiar with them. The reality is that most organizations suffer from a severe case of superpromoter blindess. The focus is on analyzing why products fail and the negative consumer feedback, rather than optimizing the potential of enthusiastic loyal customers. In a world were social media is becoming more and more dominant it is all the more important to understand how the superpromter can benefit your organization.

The book explains how any organization can become more successful by marshalling their superpromoters. Companies should stop focusing so much on complaining customers and unsatisfied employees and spend more time with their friends, the superpromoters!


Read – and loved – Rijn Vogelaar’s book “The Superpromoter”. Get the enthusiasm for yourself!
– Joe Pine, best selling author (with Jim Gilmore) of The Experience Economy and Authenticity

‘The Superpromoter is game-changing! I know it’s made me re-think my strategy!’

– Suhail Khan, Vice President Philips International, Head of Customer Experience and Market Driven Innovation

‘On the surface, the concept and actions of a superpromoter seem obvious ‘ and that’s the danger. Vogelaar reminds us we’re not hardwired to look for those who are enthusiastic; it’s those that criticize that cloud our attention. Therefore, anyone trying to promote anything needs a powerful antidote to counter this fundamental human condition. Vogelaar’s book provides it.’

– Verne Harnish, Author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and CEO of Gazelles

“The superpromotor theory proves to be an effective and efficient tool to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of our brands amongst our most loyal fans. The theory has been fully embraced by our marketeers because of the easiness of implementation and the vibe of energy it provides when talking to our most loyal fans. This theory is a way forward for research and for us!’

– Hans Böhm, Marketing Director, Heineken, Netherlands

‘The Superpromoter makes a first class addition to the debate on why people do what they do and how marketers and researchers can understand it. Smart, thorough and above all enthusiastic in the way it lays out the case for that ancient sources of human influence – enthusiasmos! Go tell you friends.’

– Mark Earls Author of Herd